Taylor Swift drops Anti-Hero video and it’s her own multiverse of madness

Taylor looking in a mirror with evil Taylor behind her

Taylor Swift has dropped the “Anti-Hero” music video from her new album, Midnights.

The music video, which was written and directed by the singer, introduces Taylor Swift’s very own multiverse – starring her and her own personal ‘anti-hero’, herself.

Swift explained that the video features her “nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts play out in real time”.

The music video starts with Swift being chased through her house by friendly looking ghosts, before the anti-hero (also Swift) appears with an evil “It’s me, hi” and gets ready to put all of the singer’s anxiety-induced nightmares into motion.

In true Swift fashion, there are references to Lover‘s glittery-sparkle aesthetic and a classic acoustic guitar, reminiscent of the one played during the Fearless era, being smashed on the floor by Taylor’s saboteur.

Fans also see Taylor Swift’s funeral, attended by three narcissistic children who are left nothing but 13 cents in their mother’s will, much to their dismay.

In fact, Swift’s penchant for ‘easter eggs’ is called out in a scene midway through the video. One of her children says, upon realising they’e been left nothing as punishment for their narcissism and manipulation: “There’s probably a secret, encoded message that means something else.”

Swift’s other son then reads from the will: “P.s. There’s no secret, encoded message that means something else.”

And that’s comedy!

(Taylor Swift/ YouTube)

Swift then sneaks out of her coffin as a fight erupts, looking at her warring family in dismay, reconvening with her anti-hero on the roof of a house to make peace and share a bottle of wine.

A giant version of Swift, who we earlier saw get shot by a bow and arrow (“The Archer” anyone?) for interrupting a dinner party, then reappears to join the trio of Swifts and toast to their imperfection.

Although Taylor Swift’s depiction of herself in “Anti-Hero” doesn’t paint her as the black-lipstick, scorched earth policy villain that 2017’s Reputation did, it expresses all the reasons that she can think of why people may be sick of supporting her.

“I have this thing where I get older, but just never wiser” – me too, Taylor.

The “Anti-Hero” video comes hours after Midnights was released to the sheer delight of fans.