Oscars 2023: Angela Bassett fans are reeling over ‘criminal’ snub: ‘Mother was robbed’

Jamie Lee Curtis and Angela Bassett at the Oscars.

In one of the most shocking wins in recent Oscar history, Jamie Lee Curtis has beaten Angela Bassett and Stephanie Hsu to become this year’s Best Supporting Actress.

Curtis has spent the last few weeks telling reporters how little she expected to win, and many cinema fans had felt the same.

Despite Curtis giving a very impressive performance as tax inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre in Everything Everywhere All at Once, the vast majority expected Angela Bassett to bag the prize for her stunning role as Ramonda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Curtis seemed visibly shook as she accepted the prize at the 95th Academy Awards, and so did the vast majority of those watching at home. Even Bassett herself appeared a little disappointed at the Oscars snub, remaining reactionless as the winner was announced.

“Jamie was barely in that movie there’s no way she got that award over the actual antagonist of the movie and Angela Bassett who gave the performance of a lifetime,” wrote one angry fan.

Another added: “They gave Jamie Lee Curtis an Oscar for a movie she was barely in because that stupid industry has been ignoring her her whole career… only to also ignore Angela Bassett who is beyond deserving of that award.”

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Even Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors, presenting the award for Best Cinematography soon after Curtis’ win, sent out their love to Bassett.

“Hey Auntie, we love you,” Majors said as he arrived on stage.

Others felt that yes, Jamie Lee Curtis should be an Oscar winner, but not necessarily for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

“Jamie Lee Curtis over Stephanie Hsu and Angela Bassett is so deeply unserious because of all the roles she’s had in her life there is no way she should have won in Everything Everywhere All at Once. It should have been Freaky Friday,” one person declared.

No one can disagree with that.