PinkNews announces second wave of expert speakers for virtual Trans+ Summit

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PinkNews is pleased to announce more speakers for our virtual Trans+ Summit in May, who will appear alongside previously confirmed experts from IBM, Global Butterflies and Wickes.

Hosted with joint sponsors EY and Publicis, the PinkNews Trans+ Summit is an opportunity for businesses, not-for-profits, charities and HR professionals to improve their knowledge of the trans and non-binary community and learn from senior leaders in the trans inclusion space.

On Thursday, 11 May from 9:45am-5:00pm BST, attendees will hear first-hand experiences from our speakers and through panel discussions taking place across the day be provided with a strong foundation of knowledge of how to support this growing community, including what actions are required in the workplace.

The Office for National Statistics recently showed that 262,000 (1 in 200) people in the UK identify as trans or non-binary, and according to a YouGov poll, two-thirds of trans employees say they have to hide their trans status at work due to discrimination. Additionally, 2 in 5 trans people leave their work due to unwelcoming environments, and these figures are only increasing, with 1 in 3 employers stating they are less likely to hire a transgender person. 

The PinkNews Trans+ Summit comes at a critical time for the trans and non-binary community in the UK, following an increase in anti-trans hate crimes and the ongoing anti-trans rhetoric used in legacy media. It has never been more important to engage with, understand and offer genuine support to trans and non-binary colleagues and employees. 

The virtual event will be chaired by Rico Jacob Chace, a Director at TransActual UK who also sits on the board of the LGBT Consortium.

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This is a promotional image highlighting the speakers at the upcoming PinkNews Virtual Trans+ Summit.
The second wave of speakers for the PinkNews Trans+ summit have been released. (PinkNews)

Newly-announced expert speakers from across the business, inclusion and not-for-profit sectors joining the agenda of the PinkNews Trans+ Summit include: 

Ash Taylor, Consultant, UK&I Cybersecurity at EY

Ash is an active member in the diversity, equity and inclusion of their immediate team and technology consulting across the UK & Ireland. They have identified as non-binary for almost all of their working career and promote awareness, inclusion, and equity for LGBTQ+ people in their teams, especially for trans and non-binary people, speaking, organising internal events, and writing articles on their experiences. They have been involved with “Zones of Uncomfortable Discussion” on LGBTQ+ issues, making space for people to talk about their own experiences and ask questions that might normally be considered taboo.

Sarah Furley, Chair of Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG)

Sarah is the proud mum to a trans young person, who is now aged 26. When they came out seven years ago, her lack of knowledge in how to support them led to her involvement with FFLAG, first as a support seeker and then as a volunteer. She is now chair of the charity, which is dedicated to supporting parents and their LGBTQ+ children.

Bobbi Pickard, CEO of Trans in the City

Bobbi is the CEO of Trans in the City, an organisation she founded in response to seeing a lack of cooperative working between global corporates to help the trans and non-binary community. She has built it into a global network with over 350 major organisations collaborating on furthering trans awareness across the world. Bobbi is a multi-award-winning active patron in all areas of diversity and speaks at many events around the world on LGBTQ+ inclusion in business, trans issues and diversity and inclusion in industry.

Emily Hamilton, Director of Trans in the City

Emily is a senior leader with over two decades of experience in programme and project management. She transitioned at work in 2019 and is passionate about increasing the visibility of members of the LGBTQ+ community and amplifying women’s voices in the workplace. In February, she shared vital advice for employers about how best to support trans and non-binary employees and their families at work during at the first PinkNews Business Community Live event.

Marty Davies, Joint CEO of Outvertising and Founder of Smarty Pants Consultancy

Named one of Campaign’s Future Leaders 2022, Marty is the founder of Smarty Pants Consultancy and the Joint CEO of Outvertising, the marketing and advertising industry’s LGBTQ+ advocacy group. They are also a Co-Founder of Trans+ Adland, a grassroots community group of trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming and intersex people worldwide in marketing and advertising.

We have extended our limited early bird pricing until Tuesday, 11 April. Other discounts include group discounts and discounts for charities and not-for-profits are available. Tickets for the PinkNews Trans+ Summit are available to buy now via the Trans+ Summit website

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