Suzy Eddie Izzard shares sweet reason why she first started using new name on Deliveroo

Trans comedian Suzy Eddie Izzard against a colourful backdrop

Last month, comedian Suzy Izzard introduced her new name to the world in a glorious display of trans joy – and she’s explained why she took such pleasure in sharing it with Deliveroo first.

Izzard, who is also known as Eddie, shared in an episode of the The Political Party podcast that she had wanted to use the name “Suzy” since she was just 10-years-old. Now, after more than three decades in the entertainment world, she’s able to do just that.

The comedian, who is genderfluid and began using she/her pronouns in 2020, has been open about her journey with gender, but has also endured harsh criticism from anti-trans campaigners and bigots along the way. 

That’s probably one of the reasons she felt most comfortable trying out the name Suzy on the food delivery service Deliveroo

Eddie Izzard
Suzy Eddie Izzard. (Getty)

Speaking to The Guardian on Wednesday (26 April), Izzard revealed that she decided to use “Suzy” on the app as the delivery drivers “don’t say anything when they give you your order except: ‘There you go.'”

She also shared the positive feeling of seeing the app refer to her with her chosen name.

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“You can see it on your phone: ‘Suzy, your food is on its way,'” she said.

According to The Guardian, Izzard will soon be branching out from using the name on her fast food apps, and will have it on her passport, too.

As one of the UK’s most visible trans people, it’s not surprising that the actor and former prospective parliamentary Labour candidate has been forced to deal with a wave of transphobic abuse.

Yet Izzard also knows her position provides her with a platform to voice exactly why the hatred levied against trans people is unfounded.

Speaking recently about the endless so-called trans debate, Izzard made a point of stating the obvious – trans people have always been here.

“The new fascism tries to put a wedge between us, but trans people exist and have done so since the dawn of time. I knew when I was five,” she said.

“I’ve been honest. In this world of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, that’s got to be better than all the hatred and lying of the right wing.”

Suzy Eddie Izzard is bringing her one woman show to London's West End.
Suzy Eddie Izzard is bringing her one woman show to London’s West End. (Bruce Glikas/WireImage)

All in all, Izzard isn’t focussing on the right-wingers or the social media trolls – she prefers to ignore toxic, anti-trans rhetoric and get on with living her best, most authentic life.

Suzy Eddie Izzard is starring in her one woman show Great Expectations in London until 1 July.

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