Deliveroo riders to wear their pronouns with pride on kaleidoscopic new delivery bags


Deliveroo is giving its riders new delivery bags featuring LGBT+ flags and pronouns, created by the graphic designer behind the Progress Pride flag.

A fleet of 2,500 delivery riders – known as “P’riders” – can add one of five designs to the distinctive blue bags, which bear the words “Pronouns matter” and “LGBTTQQIAAP rights”.

They’re the work of Daniel Quasar, the graphic designer who reinvented the six-colour Pride flag by adding a chevron to reflect trans people and LGBT+ communities of colour.

“Pride 2021 is about embracing inclusivity and we are delighted to give our Deliveroo riders the opportunity to take to the streets with bags displaying Pride flags in a show of support for the community,” said Hadi Moussa, chief business officer at Deliveroo.

You’ll see riders carrying the bags in Brighton, Blackpool, London, Manchester and Birmingham as part of the “Deloveroo” initiative to celebrate Pride month.

The company is going further than just raising awareness, though.

Deliveroo has also launched School for Allies, a new website designed to raise awareness of issues surrounding gender and sexuality.

Aided by the LGBT+ mental health group Helsa Helps, the site’s focus is on educating colleagues, supporting communities and encouraging better representation in the food delivery industry.

A mini curriculum will be provided for potential allies to help foster positive emotional and mental wellbeing for LGBT+ people and to spotlight helpful resources.

Deliveroo will also be working alongside LGBT Switchboard as part of its ongoing commitment to Pride.

Last year the company celebrated Pride month by delivering free LGBT+ children’s books with selected meals. And back in 2018 they launched a RuPaul-inspired menu to raise money for LGBT+ youth homelessness charity Albert Kennedy Trust.

The limited-edition menu featured a range of popular dishes, including “The Valentina (I’d like to leaves it on please)” and the “The Vanessa Vanjie Wit’mayo”.