Olympian Adam Rippon amazes fans after guessing Britney Spears song based on a single note

Olympian Adam Rippon during his appearance on Celebrity Name That Tune

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon has gone viral for “doing the gays proud” and guessing a Britney Spears song from a single note. 

The bronze medallist’s skills went viral on Sunday (7 May) after a Britney fan account tweeted an old clip of Rippon appearing on Celebrity Name That Tune’s third season in January. 

On the incredible TV clip, Rippon was able to recognise “Oops!…I Did It Again” after hearing just one note, a feat that earned him $15,000 for charity. 

The Britney fan account, however, ignored Rippon’s world-class skating career, choosing instead to identify him only as “homosexual”. 

“Homosexual wins 15 thousand dollars guessing Britney Spears song based on a single note,” the fan account read. 

Rippon, 33, responded with pride, tweeting that he was “HONORED to be this homosexual”. 

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As well as being Britney’s number-one fan, Adam Rippon made a name for himself after becoming the United States’ first out gay athlete to medal at the Winter Olympics, when he won bronze in the figure skating team event in 2018. 

Since then, he has officially retired from professional figure skating, stunned at the Oscars by wearing a leather harness on the red carpet, and secretly married his husband on New Year’s Eve in 2021.

Fans came out to support Rippon after the clip went viral, with one saying Rippon was “not just ‘this homosexual’, THE homosexual”.

Another claimed claimed he “did the gays proud” with his performance on Celebrity Name That Tune.

While Rippon is a huge Britney fan, the feeling is apparently mutual, with the singer herself tweeting during the 2018 Winter Olympics that the skater is “the most fun!”

Rippon replied to Britney, saying that he could “feel you on the ice with me”.

The pair met in person later in 2018 while appearing at the GLAAD Media Awards, with Rippon telling the audience: “Every time Britney does a runway walk on Instagram, a little gay child gets his wings.”

He later told Entertainment Tonight: “I think she’s so incredible… She’s so authentically herself, that I think she is such a positive role model.”

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