Eurovision 2023: Mel Giedroyc steals the show as butter-churning Polish milkmaid

Mel Giedroyc sent fans into a tailspin with her hilarious Eurovision skit.

Every single one of this year’s Eurovision contestants can stand down now, because Mel Giedroyc has officially stolen the show with her butter-churning routine.

The widely beloved comedian and actress did her best to steal Hannah Waddingham’s crown as the queen of Eurovision when she turned up for an instantly memeable skit.

Seated behind Waddingham, Mel Giedroyc was seen dressed as a Polish milkmaid and dramatically churning butter as Waddingham tried to introduce the next act.

“Right, shall we get back to the competition?” Waddingham asked as Graham Norton descended into a fit of the giggles in the commentators’ box.

Yes, we know favourites such as Sweden’s Loreen and Finland’s Käärijä have already blown audiences away – but if fans could vote for Giedroyc’s butter-churning routine, we’re pretty sure they would.

Twitter immediately disintegrated into chaos, with fans left wheezing, screaming, crying and throwing up.

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Hardcore Eurovision fans will know that Giedroyc’s butter-churning routine was, of course, a reference to Poland’s 2014 entry. “My Słowianie” by Donatan & Cleo finished in fourteenth place that year.

Yes, it might be a Eurovision deep cut, but that didn’t stop Eurovision fans from fawning over Giedroyc’s instantly iconic, short-lived performance

Giedroyc is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest – she’s a longtime fan and joins Graham Norton as a commentator for the BBC in Liverpool for 2023.

So while not on camera for most of the night, Giedroyc’s presence is very much being felt all across the UK – and it’s all thanks to a churn and a milkmaid’s costume.

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest grand final is currently underway in Liverpool. The UK is hosting on Ukraine’s behalf due to the ongoing war.

Among the bookies’ favourites are Sweden’s Loreen and Finland’s Käärijä. Keep an eye on the PinkNews Eurovision liveblog to stay up to date on the night’s biggest events.

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