All Stars 9 finally teases real drama between two queens: ‘An eye for an eye’

The tension has skyrocketed in a teaser for episode five of All Stars 9, with a feud between two queens resulting in some actual tension.

The tension has rocketed in the latest teaser for episode five of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9, with a feud between Roxxxy Andrews and Angeria Paris VanMicheals resulting in some actual tension for the first time this season.

All Stars 9 called back eight of the franchise’s fiercest queens for the non-elimination season, the first to be contested for charities.

With each queen representing a different charity and not winning money themselves, the season has been devoid of any real drama, with Shannel, Roxxxy, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Plastique Tiara, Nina West, Gottmik, Angeria and Jorgeous all playing relatively nice so far.

But that looks to have changed, according to the new teaser, which gave viewers a glimpse of the fallout of last week’s makeover challenge, in which Roxxxy and Vanessa “cut off” Angeria for the second time this season, meaning that she’s unable to win a benefactress badge to edge up the leader board this week.

The teaser, available to watch in full below, opens with Vanessa and Roxxxy entering the werk room and celebrating their win, but things take a turn when Angeria appears.

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“The first time being cut off was cute,” Angeria says in her confessional. “I understood it, I was the frontrunner, I get it. But the second time? B*tch, it feels personal.”

As she sits on the couch, Angeria – with steam rising from her wig – addresses Roxxxy and Vanessa. “If I’m being honest, this one actually does sting a lot,” she says. “I feel like, damn girl, everybody just gonna cut me every week.”

After Angeria won the premiere episode, she snipped Roxxxy, but was then herself blocked by Gottmik in episode two, meaning that she’s been blocked twice in just five episodes.

Roxxxy replies: “I promise you, it wasn’t anything personal, it was just an eye for an eye, for me,” which to us, seems the definition of personal. But who are we to read the doll?

Angeria Paris VanMicheals in All Stars 9, episode 5
Angeria Paris VanMicheals was not a happy queen. (RuPaul’s Drag Race/ YouTube)

The All Stars 2 finalist then explains why she felt unable to cut Nina, Gottmik or Shannel, and that Plastique and Jorgeous “did so good, today, in the challenge” that they weren’t contenders.

“It don’t feel fair to me,” Angerie says. “I don’t even feel like I’m the frontrunner like that.”

In the confessional booth, she adds: “B*tch, bullsh*t. I don’t buy it. There’s a lot of explanation being handed out. But what it all sounds like to me is: ‘Let me cut you, so I don’t have to cut my friend’. Wanna call it an alliance, call it what you want… the girls are playing the game and its working out in their favour. But I can play this game too.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 9 is available to stream on Paramount+ in the US and WOW Presents Plus internationally.

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