All Stars 9’s Roxxxy Andrews and Vanjie are beefing with Aura Mayari – here’s why

Roxxxy Andrews, Aura Mayari and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty and All Stars 9 queens Roxxxy Andrews and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo are fighting with Aura Mayari – here’s why.

As far as beefs go, the Drag Race fandom has been spoilt for choice in recent years. There’s been Plane Jane vs Bob the Drag Queen, Mistress Isabelle Brooks “disowning” her drag children Sugar and Spice, and Trixie Mattel vs Morphine Love Dion (although that one was very tongue-in-cheek).

Now, with All Stars 9 currently airing, another contender has entered the arena.

This particular row started when Aura, who placed 11th in season 15 in 2023, took to X to comment on the outcome of All Stars 9‘s most recent episode.

Episode four, where the queens split into pairs for a group makeover challenge of four (very buff) firefighters, was won by Roxxxy Andrews and Vanessa. However, many viewers – including Aura – were big fans of the Powerpuff-Girls-inspired looks presented by Plastique Tiara and Jorgeous.

Writing on X, Aura went so far as to say that the season 11 and 14 queens deserved to have won. “No tea, no shade, but this group was the winner. Performance [tick], outfit [tick], makeup [tick],” she wrote.

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“Did the other group have to win so everyone has badges?” she asked, alongside an eye-roll emoji.

In among the replies pointing out that the list of people allowed to comment on who deserved to win, did not include Aura, who triumphed in season 15’s girl group challenge, was the doll herself Roxxxy. “No, we won cause we were great, just as everyone else,” she said.

But the exchange did not stop there.

Aura then reacted to a fan commenting on her original tweet, tagging Roxxxy in the process.

The fan wrote that Roxxxy and Vanessa’s win was “for storyline purposes”, to which Aura replied: “They all did good so whatever, lol. Roxxxy Andrews, here you go, sis.”

Roxxxy, who has a total of four challenge wins across her Drag Race career, then said: “You’re absolutely allowed to have your opinion. I just wanted to answer your question.”

And that’s when things got really heated as Vanessa, got involved. “Who is that?” she asked Roxxxy, referring to Aura. “She was on the show too?”

Some fans then weighted with one saying Vanessa needed to “stop letting this one win go to [her] head,” to which the queen replied: “Right and you won’t even win a hot-dog-eating contest even if you were the only person to enter, dumb a*s.”

To top it all off, Vanessa tweeted: “If you know so much, why you ain’t do good on your season? That’s my question.”

Roxxxy replied to that with: “I’m tellin’ you. Lolol they know it all but the proof is in their seasons… let me start a real show.”

Aura addressed the situation, saying: “Why y’all think I’m coming for the queens’ drag? This is a makeover challenge. I’m looking at the men they made over. They all did great but I thought the guy that Jorgeous and Plastique did look the best and performed the best. Take a deep breath, and don’t exhale.”

She followed that up with: “This drag race community is just mean and cruel. The way you all go overboard and just straight up nasty.”

Roxxxy and Vanessa, meanwhile, became frontrunners in the charity season after both being awarded a bonus benefactress badge at the start, and winning the episode.

They are currently tied with Gottmik for the lead, with two badges each. Every other queen has one, except Shannel, who doesn’t have any.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 9 is available to stream on Paramount+ in the US and WOW Presents Plus internationally.

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