Rihanna’s blonde Fenty Hair pixie cut sparks countless memes

Rihanna's Fenty Hair announcement have inspired a lot of pixie-cut based memes

Pop superstar and makeup mogul and Rihanna has announced new brand Fenty Hair, but her blonde pixie cut is sending the internet into a meme spiral.

Rihanna used her X/Twitter account on Tuesday (4 June) to announce that Fenty Hair, her newest business venture, joining Fenty Beauty and lingerie company Savage X Fenty, was “pullin up” to give fans the “experience they’ve been waiting for”.

The new products were “created to keep up with our hair and lifestyle, while constantly strengthening and repairing our hair with each use”.

Although the post was followed up by another showcasing Rihanna’s hair evolution over the years, and a link to let fans “sign up and shop first”, X users have been more drawn to the “Love on the Brain” singer’s pixie cut.

Comparisons have immediately been made to everyone from RuPaul’s Drag Race star Monét X Change to internet mockumentary sensation Charity Shop Sue.

Some people have even taken to photoshopping Rihanna’s new hairstyle on to other celebs and advertising “their ambassadorship” for Fenty Hair. Those given the makeover include Adele (who’s made to look a lot like Princess Di), Ariana Grande, and Carlisle Cullen from the final Twilight film.

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Pose‘s MJ Rodriguez has even responded to a fan making a joke about her “shake ‘n’ go” wig from an episode of the show, writing: “Why are y’all like this?”

RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s Xunami Muse also joined the fray, writing: “Girl, I had that Fenty Hair on before it came out.”

Meanwhile, of course, a fair few fans have asked about new Rihanna music, which is seeming less and less likely as the days go by and the number of companies run by RiRi increase.

“Gworl, you doing everything but dropping that album,” one wrote, while another said: “Where in all this did you mention the music album you should be dropping next?”

A third demanded: “Fenty music next, or I’m blocking you.”

Fenty Hair by Rihanna is available from 10 June.

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