Monét X Change’s most expensive Drag Race look cost ‘five-figure’ sum

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Monét X Change has spilled the tea on her most expensive look on the show. 

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews, the All Stars 4 winner shared details about her outfit, how she surprised Bob the Drag Queen at a Madonna concert, and her new R&B album.

The cost of competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race has become a hot topic in recent years, with queens forking out thousands to ensure their runway looks are a cut above the competition.

Contestant Hershii LiqCour-Jeté, who was eliminated first from season 16, previously revealed that she sold her car so that she could afford to compete, while Kofi’s co-star Gothy Kendoll told PinkNews that she too had forked out £20,000 ($25,074).

A close-up shot of drag queen Monet X Change wearing a cream-coloured outfit next to another shot where she performs in Drag Race All Stars 7
Monet X Change. (Twitter)

Other series stars who’ve previously revealed how much they’ve spent on the show include former winner Blu Hydrangea, who says she spent around £23,000 ($28,849) on the international edition of the franchise, and Gottmik, who claims to have dropped $20,000 (£15,948) on season 13.

Now, Monét X Change has revealed the most expensive outfit she ever wore on the series – and it cost an eye-watering five-figure sum.

“My most expensive outfit was [on] Secret Celebrity Drag Race [in 2020], my finale gold look,” Monét shares.

Monet X Change in a gold dress
Monet X Change says her most expensive Drag Race outfit was her gold finale number from Secret Celebrity Drag Race. (WOW)

“That is the most expensive thing I have ever purchased in drag… five-figures expensive.” 

Speaking of surprising Bob the Drag Queen during Madonna’s Celebration tour, Monét said the pop icon helped keep her plan a secret. 

Season eight winner Bob, who earlier this month shared news about death of her mum, Martha Caldwell, supported Madonna on the tour.

Monét described her album, Grey Rainbow Vol. 1 as a “deep and honest dive into R&B music,” which she said is “a very big love of mine” and something she listens to all the time. 

Monet X Change won All Stars 4 with Trinity the Tuck. (WOW)

“This project has really moulded me into a kind of recording artist,” the queen said. “Being a studio recording artist is its own art form, is its own craft, and I’m obsessed.” 

She hopes to secure Grammy recognition, in the future.

In 2022, Monét said she had absolutely “no desire” to return to the franchise – unless she can “whoop” one legendary queen’s “a**”: Bob the Drag Queen.  

“You know what, here’s the only way I’d do Drag Race: a 10-episode arc of just me and Bob doing dßrag together. That’s the only way I’m coming back,” she said.

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