Mae Martin denies splitting from The Traitors star Parvati Shallow: ‘Never been happier’

Mae Martin (left) and Parvati Shallow (right) smile while posing at separate red carpet events.

Feel Good actor Mae Martin has rubbished rumours that they have parted ways with their partner, Survivor winner Parvati Shallow.

During Saturday night’s Las Culturistas Culture Awards (15 June), Martin and Shallow won the jovial Billie Eilish Award for LGBTQ+ Announcement, for announcing their relationship back in December last year.

After reportedly accepting the award via two separate video messages, US entertainment publication Vulture took this to mean that the pair had separated.

“Parvati Shallow and Mae Martin have seemingly announced their break up while accepting their Las Culturistas Culture Award via separate video messages,” the publication shared on X/Twitter.

The post forced comedian Martin to rebuke the rumour and provide fans with an update on how their romance with Shallow is going.

“As wildly modern as it would be to announce a break up during Las Culturistas Culture Award, this is very much untrue,” wrote Martin, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

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“Just a joke edited in a way that made it look real? I haven’t seen it but hopefully they left in the part where I say I’m obsessed and have never been happier.”

Martin and Shallow announced their relationship via Instagram on New Year’s Eve last year, sharing an adorable strip of photos in which they’re hugging, kissing, and laughing.

“We’re here, we’re queer, happy new year,” wrote Shallow, who won Survivor back in 2008, and has since appeared as a contestant on The Traitors US.

Shallow’s post celebrating her romance with Martin was also the first time the reality TV star had revealed that she is queer.

This year, the Las Culturistas Culture Awards – which are held annually by Las Culturistas podcast hosts and queer comics Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers – gave out awards to a host of queer stars and allies.

That list included Pedro Pascal, who won the Best Daddy award, and celebrated with a video message in which he asked: “Who’s your daddy?”

Yes, really. Considering the Las Culturistas Culture Awards are satirical though, anything can happen: this year, Red, White & Royal Blue actor Nicholas Galitzine lost out on the “Best New Artist” award to Lana Del Rey, who has been in the music industry for 13 years.

The pair were up in the category against RuPaul’s Drag Race season three contestant and seventh place extraordinaire, Delta Work.

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