Mae Martin to host new documentary exploring gender and sexual fluidity in nature

Mae Martin on the set of Fluid: Beyond the Binary, wearing a labocoat and smiling.

Comedian Mae Martin is throwing on their lab coat to explore the science of gender identity and sexual fluidity in a new documentary fiilm.

The non-binary Canadian comic will front Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary, a documentary delving into the factual background of gender fluidity, while meeting with gender non-conforming youth and experts.

“I want to know what science has to say about gender and sexual fluidity,” Martin says in a trailer for the documentary.

Alongside filmmaker Michelle Mama, Martin officially confirmed the documentary in a social media post, with Mama saying they were “thrilled” to finally announce the project.

“It’s a fantastic and surprising look at what nature has to say about gender and will be a great tool for kids, teachers, and folks to open discussions about the complex science of gender,” Mama wrote.

Mae Martin smiling for a photo on the red carpet.
The documentary will premiere on CBC on 28 March. (Getty)

Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary aims to debunk what producers describe as “zombie-science”, which aims to prove gender fluidity is nonexistent, while introducing the latest breakthroughs in the science of gender identity and how it exists throughout the world.

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It will also look into how the belief that a gender binary is intrinsic in nature is actually a myth; showcasing animals that regularly change their sex and gender.

The film’s main goal is to disprove “old ideas” which include the idea that so-called “male and female brains” are inherently different and that trans people don’t exist.

“I think it’s easy for [anti-LGBTQ+ groups] to drum up this hysteria because there is still a sense from a lot of people that transness is in some way unnatural,” Martin says in the documentary.

“But maybe that’s because a lot of people don’t really know nature.”

Mae Martin is outspoken in their LGBTQ+ support, calling out anti-trans attacks and naysayers in their stand-up and sharing their experiences as a non-binary person.

In association with Kensington TV and the documentary organisation Gay Agenda, the project is set to premiere on Canada’s CBC on 28 March 2024.

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