MrBeast star Ava Tyson has perfect response for troll who questioned her transition

MrBeast sidekick Ava Tyson had the perfect response to an internet troll asking why she chose to transition when she already had “everything”.

The YouTuber and internet personality shot to fame through her videos with Stephen Donaldson, aka MrBeast, before coming out last July and revealing she had been on hormones since at least January.

She has received a hefty amount of anti-trans bigotry as a result of her transition being in the public eye. Responding to a new post that suggested she made a “deal with the devil” to transition because she already “had everything going” for her, Tyson jokingly replied: “Nice theory, but actually Disney shot me with the trans ray gun.”

After the post started to gain traction, Tyson added: “It’s funny people will blow past the obvious point, to make wild theories. Yes, I had what you would describe as ‘everything’. It really goes to show that who you are is something you can’t run away from, no matter what you have in life.”

Others applauded her while shaming the original post for its lack of understanding about why someone might want to transition.

Media Matters LGBTQ+ reporter Ari Drennen wrote: “Have everything going for you. Decides to transition anyway. They’re painfully close to getting it.”

Another user made a similar comment, saying: “Bucko, you’re this f**king close to getting it. So many trans people, myself included, do everything in our power not to transition for the longest time.

“We try so hard to fit into whatever society, our family, our friends want for us. We put it all on the back burner… and then it just clicks.”

Tyson is no stranger to having to shut down trolls. In April, she refuted gossip that her transition had broken up her family.

“I’m in my child’s life [arguably] more than most parents are capable of because of my unique privileges,” she said. “But we both know you will make up whatever lie you can vomit up to validate your transphobia that is already based on nonsense and misogyny.”

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