MrBeast Youtube star Kris Tyson shares powerful message of self-love after 6 months of HRT

MrBeast star Kris Tyson gives positive six month HRT update.

MrBeast star Kris Tyson said she “feels so much happier” six months into hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as she shared photos documenting her journey.

Kris Tyson – who rose to fame as one of YouTube megastar MrBeast’s sidekicks – publicly opened up about their gender identity journey in April.

In July she came out as a trans woman, changing the spelling of her name to Kris and confirming she uses she/her pronouns, during a wide-ranging interview with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla.

On Monday (31 July), Tyson opened up further about her journey on HRT. She began the treatment on 25 January, 2023, and since then has shared regular pictures to show how much her appearances has transformed.

Marking six months on HRT, Tyson said: “The physical changes aren’t the only things that have made me feel so much happier. The ability to get out of bed, ready to start the day, the desire to live my life to fullest again, and just being able to look in the mirror and see the woman I’ve always known was inside me finally starting to make her way in the world.”

The post, which had accumulated 278,000 likes at the time of writing, received an outpouring of love.

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“Congrats [Kris]! I’m happy you’re living your true self,” one person commented.

“You’re literally GLOWING in the second pic,” another added.

Among other, more negative comments, a third fan said: “The amount of transphobia here is crazy mate. Honestly girl, you look stunning. Even though I don’t know you and you don’t know me, I’m hella proud of you. I hope you’re alright sweetie.”

Kris’ message about finding herself echoed her words to Padilla during her coming out interview on 21 July.

“For so long, every day I would go to bed and I would have vivid dreams that I was a woman. And I would wake up in the morning and it was just like getting ripped out of a reality that I didn’t want to be taken out of,” she said at the time.

“There were times where I would just sleep all day because it was more fun or more enjoyable to do that because the real world. I didn’t feel connected to it.

“I really never felt connected to my body until I started taking HRT. It felt like a fog had been around me and just went away, and I could see things clearly and I felt confident in who I was. I knew who I was finally, surely, truly without a shadow of a doubt and that is what really saved my life.”

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