MrBeast star Ava Kris Tyson claps back against claim her transition ‘broke up’ her family

MrBeast star Ava Kris Tyson has dispelled any claims that her transition broke up her family.

The YouTube star and transgender influencer, who works with MrBeast star James Stephen Donaldson, clapped back against a comment claiming her transition had broken up her family by saying she has is in her child’s life more than most parents.

Tyson has a son, Tucker Tyson, who was born in 2020. Tucker’s mother, Katie, divorced Ava Kris in early 2022 but remains supportive of her journey.

After sharing a joke before and after transition post, in which the before photo has Donaldson’s head photoshopped onto an old picture, a user claimed that her decision to transition “broke up your family.”

Responding to the post, she said: “I’m in my child’s life [arguably] more than most parents are capable of because of my unique privileges.

“But we both know you will make up whatever lie you can vomit up to validate your transphobia that is already based on nonsense and misogyny anyway.”

Tyson often posts regular updates on social media with her and Tucker, showing their relationship as mother and son hasn’t faltered even an inch.

On 30 March, Ava posted to Instagram celebrating Easter with a photo of her and Tucker, whose face has been obscured, saying: “Happy Easter from me and Tucker! (We are celebrating today because I’m going out of town tomorrow).”

Ava Kris Tyson reveals her new name

Tyson has recently confirmed that she is now called Ava Kris Tyson.

She celebrated the on X/Twitter earlier this week, standing next to a sign with her new name on the wall, writing: “In case you haven’t heard”, along with a wink emoji.

The YouTuber has documented her life as a trans woman after coming out publicly last July. Being part of one of the biggest channels on YouTube, Tyson has used her platform to spread trans joy and document her journey through hormone therapy.

In January, she shared a post celebrating her first anniversary on hormones with a before and after image, one from the first day she took them and another of now.

Her fans have been fully supportive, saying her new name is “perfect” for her.

“So happy to see you smiling as Ava and being your true authentic self,” one user wrote. “Trans rights are human rights.”

Another wrote: “Ava is a cute name.”

Since starting hormones, the MrBeast co-host has said that not only is she ecstatic at the “physical changes,” but she also feels happier.

“The ability to get out of bed, ready to start the day, the desire to live my life to the fullest again, and just being able to look in the mirror and see the woman I’ve always known was inside me finally starting to make her way in the world,” she wrote.

Tyson said something along the same lines in an interview with YouTube star, Anthony Padilla, in July, saying: “For so long, every day I would go to bed and would have vivid dreams I was a woman. I would wake up in the morning and it was just like getting ripped out of a reality that I didn’t want to be taken out of.

“There were times where I would just sleep all day because it was more fun or more enjoyable to do that… I didn’t feel connected [to the real world].”