People can’t get enough of this ‘trans homies’ protest sign: ‘My favourite picture ever’ 

A trans Pride flag.

A banner in support of trans people has gone viral on social media – mainly for its uncompromising message to bigots. 

Posted on X/Twitter at the start of June, to mark the beginning of Pride month, the banner reads: “Respect my trans homies or I’m gonna identify as a f*****g problem.”

The image of two people holding the sign is captioned it: “This is my favourite picture ever”, and judging by the responses it’s a favourite for others too: it’s already been viewed more than two million times.

One person quote tweeted the image, responding: “Putting this on my business card.” 

Someone else wrote: “This is the best tweet you are gonna see today.” 

Another said they’d even consider becoming a “bumper sticker person” to endorse the banner’s message. 

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Despite the positive feedback, there were some who took a dislike to the banner. 

One person wrote: “I identify problems as targets,” while another said: “Sorry, you are already a problem.” 

The negative responses come as anti-trans hate crimes have risen in the UK recently, while in the US, more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were proposed in 2023. 

The Home Office admitted last year that the rise in hate crimes against transgender people has potentially been fuelled by politicians’ anti-trans comments. 

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