Legendary LGBTQ+ ally David Tennant breaks the internet with another amazing trans rights t-shirt

Doctor Who star David Tennant has worn yet another t-shirt backing trans rights.

Tennant, who appeared as the Time Lord in the BBC’s long running sci-fi show from 2005 to 2010 (and popped up again in the 2023 Christmas specials), has since made a name for himself outside the TARDIS doors.

He has been pictured wearing a shirt emblazoned with the phrase “You will have to go through me'” in the pink, white and blue of the trans flag, while (to top it off) also holding a progress Pride flag.

The picture was shared by his wife, Georgia Tennant, on her Instagram account. It’s the third image in a carousel of photos of the whole family celebrating “School Pride”.

The David Tennant trans rights picture was quickly reshared to X/Twitter and been received with gratitude by the queer community.

“That’s the Doctor,” one user wrote, and another added: “David Tennant is now officially the best dad ever.”

Someone else joked that the Good Omens actor was “never beating the king allegations”.

The hashtags #ParentGoals #ProtectTransKids #ParentPride soon followed.

“This pic made my entire day. David Tennant is such a beacon of light in this dark and gloomy world,” another user wrote.

“We funded the scholarship several times over”

People also left thousands of comments on the original Instagram post. The top comment is from the designer of the shirt that Tennant is wearing, Stevie Brocksom, and reads:

“If David ever sees this, today has been life-changing. I’m a trans dude in London Ontario and the creator of the shirt that David is wearing.

“Your visibility has changed my life today in ways you’ll never understand. If you ever need or want to know what $15k worth of t-shirts looks like, it’s a lot 😅

“Today, I sold shirts in UK, US, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Australia, Japan, and I’m sure I’m forgetting more.

“The profits from these shirts fund a scholarship for trans youth and I cannot tell you how incredible it feels that today, we funded the scholarship several times over. Thank you so so so much.”

This isn’t the first time David Tennant has proved an ally. In 2023, he donned a rainbow pin badge in the colours of the non-binary flag in support of one of his children who is reportedly non-binary.

Other photos, taken during Pride in London weekend, showed him wearing a badge that said: “You are safe with me” and the same day he wore a shirt that yelled: “Leave trans kids alone, you absolute freaks.”

He has also appeared in a video campaign message alongside Dannii Minogue, to remind transgender youngsters that they are loved.

The shirt he wore most recently is available from stevieesafespaces.com.

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