Good Omens star David Tennant wears t-shirt in support of trans kids, and everyone is obsessed

An image showing David Tennant wearing a t-shirt with a message of support for trans youth on it.

Doctor Who star David Tennant has one very simple message for all the bigots out there: “Leave trans kids alone, you absolute freaks”.

While many celebrities claim to be an LGBTQ+ ally, Tennant is out there doing the work.

For the past few months, he’s donned a rainbow pin badge in the colours of the non-binary flag during his TV appearances, in support of one of his children who is reportedly non-binary.

Then viral photos appeared to show him wearing a badge with “you are safe with me” on it during Pride in London weekend.

His allyship doesn’t extend just to pin badges, though. Speaking on the Reasons To Be Cheerful podcast last month, he shared a heart-felt Pride message and explained that he’s dedicated to “fighting that fight” for LGBTQ+ people every day.

“Do you know what’s making me cheerful at the moment? It’s Pride month – the fact that Pride month [exists] and is flourishing and is something that’s happening at a time when the world seems to be getting, in some corners, worryingly intolerant and weirdly backward,” he told podcast hosts, Labour MP Ed Miliband and radio presenter Geoff Lloyd.

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“We can’t take our foot off the gas. We can’t expect that we will always travel in the right direction towards acceptance. We’ve all got to be fighting that fight every day.”

Now, in his latest epic statement of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, and particularly with trans youth, Tennant has shared a strong message via his t-shirt.

Appearing at the press launch for the second series of his Amazon Prime fantasy comedy series Good Omens, Tennant wore his now-staple non-binary pin, alongside a top that appeared to have the words “Leave trans kids alone, you absolute freaks” emblazoned on it.

While Tennant wore the top underneath a buttoned-up blue blazer, a few of the words were visible – and internet sleuths have now found the t-shirt online, it’s been designed by Crooked.

The Litvinenko star’s latest move has gone down an absolute storm with queer folk on social media, who have praised him for speaking out at a time where trans youth are being reviled by right-wing politicians and media outlets.

In the UK, the Tory government has reportedly prepared plans for trans children to be banned from school sports that align with their gender identity, while teachers may be forced to “out” trans and non-binary pupils to their parents.

One fan led with a very simple question: “How does the man keep being even more of a legend?”

Another wrote: “For ever emotional about this. Simply because, in this day and age we are all so used to being horribly disappointed by people we admire and my fav since I was 14 is out here doing this.”

A third gushed: “David Tennant taking a press day as an opportunity to wear his ‘stick up for trans kids and dunk on transphobes’ shirt is the most attractive thing a man has ever done.”

Yet another said: “I’m literally crying. I’m so happy to see David Tennant support the trans community.”

While a certain group of anti-trans commentators have climbed out of the Twitter trenches to try to slate Tennant, who’s set to reprise his role as Gallifrey’s most-famous son, it’s unlikely that he’ll feel forced to retract his support.

In a post on 1 June to mark the beginning of Pride month, his wife and fellow actor Georgia Tennant – the daughter of another Doctor Who star, Peter Davison – shared an image of the progress Pride flag, alongside the caption: “Got your back, always”.

Good Omens season two, based on the novel by The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett, returns to Amazon Prime on 28 July. Season one is available on iPlayer, while Tennant can be seen reprising his Time Lord role on BBC1 in November.

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