Viral TikTok influencer: ‘I’m femme and he’s masc, and we’re an interracial couple’

Influencer Kenny Screven admits he and his fiancé, Rob, have encountered different experiences when it comes to discrimination in the queer community, because of their appearances and how they express their queerness.

Their TikTok proposal video went viral and they are now opening up about the struggles LGBTQ+ interracial couples face.

They have been together for six years.

‘Love has no colour’

Kenny told PinkNews: “From my experience being in an interracial relationship, it can be difficult but I feel it mostly depends on how I’m presenting.

“If I’m more feminine presenting and I’m wearing makeup more in public, I feel it signals to people that we’re probably together, versus when I’m not wearing makeup people may think we’re just best friends hanging out.” 

On being a couple, he added: “Some people support it and say they don’t see love as colour, or love has no colour. Some people think it’s a fetish thing.” 

Sadly, there are those who think he should date someone his own race. Within the LGBTQ+ community, he has even found that he is sexualised for being more feminine presenting and Black. 

In Rob, he has found someone who embraces every part of who he is. 

Kenny feels a lot of “mean” people on social media attack his feminine side because they “don’t believe gay, Black, feminine guys should have love”. 

Rob, who can more easily “pass” as straight, blends into what society expects, he adds. 

Despite being proud of the way he is, Kenny still worries about his and Rob’s safety when they are out in public. 

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