JoJo Siwa admits she doesn’t watch Drag Race – despite being a guest judge last year

Jojo Siwa reacting to a lip-sync on Drag Race All Stars 8.

“Karma” hitmaker and CEO of gay pop JoJo Siwa has admitted that she doesn’t watch RuPaul’s Drag Race – despite appearing as a guest judge on All Stars 8 just last year.

The former Dance Moms star put her foot in it after being questioned by a Metro reporter on which Drag Race judge she prefers, either the hilarious Ross Matthews, or style superstar Carson Kressley.

After she stared blankly, the aghast reporter quipped: “Do you know who they are?”

Siwa, 21, began to shake her head, as the gagged interviewer blurted: “You don’t watch Drag Race? Girl, you were just on the show!”

“I know,” Siwa cringed in response. “Which one should I say?”

The reporter then whispered in Siwa’s ear, and she confirmed that “Ross Matthews for sure” is her favourite. Eeek.

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Siwa appeared as the most bedazzled guest judge in Drag Race history during All Stars 8 last year, donning a glittering rainbow two-piece outfit, Pride shoulder pads and her once signature hair bow (RIP, hair bow). 

During Untucked, she even told the queens about how much she adored Drag Race, telling the contestants that her “household is the number one fan of the show”.

“Every song, every queen,” she added. But just not the judges, it seems.

Yet Untucked also played an unaired moment in which Siwa sang along to Kandy Muse’s verse in season 13’s megamix song “Lucky” – an obscure reference if there ever was one. 

“It’s so cool that you’re such a fan of the show,” Kandy Muse told her. “The fact that you sat up there on the panel, and not only that, every single word to ‘Lucky’, my verse – I’m like, ‘Oh, she watches the show!’”

Referencing Republican state attempts to ban drag, JoJo Siwa told the queens: “You all are so amazing. We all know what’s going on in the world, and how people want to ban… and this right here, this group of ten people, is showing how to be themselves.

“I don’t think there is a parent deep down that doesn’t want their kid not to be themselves.”

She might not watch the show, Tamar, but she at least knows what drag performers are up against right now. And that counts for something.

Though some fans are roasting the performer for her lack of Drag Race knowledge, others have come to her defence, insisting she is absolutely not the first guest judge to know very little about the show.

Plus, it’s likely Siwa won’t think twice about biting back against the Drag Race fandom. Over the weekend, she stopped her performance at NYC Pride to call out a heckler.

“Respectfully,” she said after asking who was booing her, “f**k you!”

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