Trans candidate celebrates receiving more votes than anti-trans campaigner Posie Parker

Aberdeen South trans candidate Sophie Molly has celebrated getting more votes than anti-trans campaigner Rosie Parker in the 2024 general election.

An independent trans candidate says that she hopes receiving more total votes than anti-trans campaigner Posie Parker at the general election will show trans children that they are loved. 

Parker, real name Kellie-Jay Keen, stood during the election in the Bristol Central seat for her recently-created Party of Women, a gender-critical single-issue party dedicated to opposing so-called ‘transgender ideology’.

Bristol Central was won by Green Party’s out bisexual co-leader Carla Denyer, while Parker received just 196 votes, equal to 0.5 per cent, meaning she lost her deposit after garnering less than five per cent of the vote. 

Elsewhere, trans candidate Sophie Molly secured 225 votes standing as an independent at the other end of the country, in Aberdeen South, where the Scottish National Party’s Stephen Flynn was re-elected with more than 15,000 votes. 

Upon hearing her votes called out Molly defiantly held up a banner that read: “I will not censor myself to comfort your ignorance”. 

Molly told PinkNews: “Standing in the general election meant the world to me. I set out to prove to the world that trans people’s lives matter.

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“Transphobes want to erase the existence of trans people. I won’t let them!” 

She said that getting more total votes than Parker – despite standing in different constituencies – sends “a strong message of hope to all the trans children out there.” 

“I see you. I love you. You are not alone. I will never ever stop fighting for you. I aim to keep building up support for the 2026 Scottish Holyrood Election,” she said. 

Molly took to X/Twitter on Friday (5 July) sharing her’s and Parker’s results in a post she captioned: “I have officially defeated Rosie Parker”. 

Election night saw Labour win a landslide majority, as the Conservatives suffered huge losses.

They included former prime minister Liz Truss, who in April this year claimed she shouldn’t have previously described herself as an LGBTQ+ ally. She lost her seat to Labour.

She joins Conservative giants Jacob Rees-Mogg, Grant Shapps, Penny Mordaunt and Jonny Mercer, in losing their seats.

Since her 45-day reign as prime minister, Truss has become known for airing anti-LGBTQ+ talking points. 

Truss has openly supported banning trans women from women’s spaces, proposed a law banning changing gender for under-18s, and branded supporters of LGBTQ+ people “left-wing extremists”.

Following her departure as prime minister, leading LGBTQ+ activists noted that she would be remembered for her “silence and inaction” on LGBTQ+ rights. 

It’s not only the Tories who are suffering poor results, with the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) also seeing a drastic drop in representation from winning 48 seats at the last election to just seven, at the time of writing. 

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