Liz Truss to propose new law banning under-18s from changing gender

Liz Truss laughing as she exits a car.

Former prime minister Liz Truss is battling for relevancy again after vowing to introduce a law that will ban trans women from single-sex spaces and prevent under-18s from transitioning.

The short-lived former PM, who spent just 49 days in office, is reportedly set to bring a Private Member’s Bill that will ban under-18s from accessing hormone therapy and block the state from recognising their social transition.

After Truss was one of 20 backbencher MPs to be selected to bring forward a bill, a source reportedly said that she chose the legislation because she believes under-18s need to be protected from “making irreversible decisions about their bodies”.

However, this argument fails to consider the fact that trans under-18s are typically prescribed physically reversible puberty blockers and are only permitted to do so after lengthy medical checks.

Physically reversible puberty blockers are also typically only given to teenagers over the age of 16. It is exceptionally rare for under-16s to be prescribed puberty blockers.

Despite this, Truss is expected to formally present the bill on Wednesday (6 December) during a House of Commons hearing where its MP backers will also attend.

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As reported by The Independent, a source close to Truss said that she believes it has become “increasingly clear” that the UK needs a law to “protect children” whilst failing to describe what it is they are being protected from.

“The law also needs to be amended in order to make it clear that biological males should be legally excluded from having access to single-sex spaces designated for women,” the source continued.

“Liz decided to put forward these proposals after considering the amount of correspondence she receives on these issues and taking soundings from her South West Norfolk constituents.”

A spokesperson for the UK government said in a statement: “This government is clear on the fundamental importance of biological sex.

“The Equality Act already allows single-sex spaces to be restricted on the basis of sex where that is justified, and the EHRC [Equality and Human Rights Commission] has published extensive guidance to support providers.”

The EHRC has recently come under fire for its treatment of trans people and their legal protections.

In May, an independent UN expert, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, argued after a 10-day visit to the UK that the EHRC has no clear definition for “biological sex” and that it used the term to mean “women who are not trans”.

“It then follows that the objective of the EHRC was to offer the government a formula through which it could carry out discriminatory distinctions currently unlawful under UK law,” Madrigal-Borloz continued.

PinkNews has contacted Liz Truss MP for comment.

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