Elliot Page’s tense trans film Close To You finally gets cinema release date

Almost a year after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, Elliot Page’s emotional new film, Close To You, has finally been given a cinema release date as well as a brand new trailer.

Close To You follows trans legend and The Umbrella Academy star Page as a transgender man called Sam, who returns to his family home for his father’s birthday.

It’s the first time Sam has seen his family in four years, and the first since he transitioned. But the reunion is anything but smooth sailing, as Sam’s mother Miriam (Departure’s Wendy Crewson), accidentally misgenders him, then makes a flustered fuss about it.

Plus, Sam ends up in a furious row with his brother-in-law, over his identity and chosen name.

And in the new trailer, old wounds are seen opening when Sam confronts his sister Kate (It star Janet Porter) about not being there for him when he was struggling with his gender identity.

However, Sam does bump into old friend Katherine and their past feelings for each other begin to resurface – giving Sam a wholesome, heartwarming second chance to make his return home worthwhile.

Following its Toronto premiere and screening at London’s BFI Flare LGBTQ+ film festival earlier this year, Close To You is now set to open in cinemas next month. Directed by Dominic Savage, it has widely been acclaimed for giving Page one of the best roles of his career.

Savage previously revealed that the film was essentially improvised, with hardly any written dialogue.

In March, Page spoke exclusively to PinkNews about the film and touched on the emotional distance that exists between many trans people and their families.

“Sam has parents [who] accept his transness and have the best intentions but they don’t truly see Sam,” he said. “The way in which his family interacts with him, again trying their best but not quite getting it right, the nuance in those moments will hopefully resonate particularly with trans and queer people.”

Elliot Page as Sam in Close To You
Elliot Page’s Close To You is due to open next month. (Me + You Productions)

He also reflected on the relationship with his own mother, and how he helped educate her on what it means to be transgender.

“For me, with my mom, I would send her stuff, articles which she read. So, in many ways, I think it’s about sharing the correct information because there are endless, full-blown lies about our lives, our healthcare, just who we are,” he added.

Page’s fans and celebrity friends are already excited by the news of the film’s full release.

“I cannot wait to see this,” said The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey, with Drag Race‘s Peppermint echoing that feeling.

One fan wrote on social media: “I am shaking. As a trans guy myself, I can’t thank you enough. Just seeing this trailer, I feel so seen and I am crying my eyes out. You are truly my trans idol.”

Close To You is due open in cinemas in the US on 16 August and in the UK on 23 August.

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