Live Blog: Vote No on Prop 8 event curtailed – gay marriage ban may pass

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Gay marriage could end in California. Proposition 8, the voter initiative ballot that seeks to make a constitutional change to effectively ban gay marriage in California, defining marriage as an act of union between a man and woman currently looks more likely to pass.

Here at the Westin St Francis Hotel in the heart of very, very LGBT San Francisco, supporters of the no vote were watching the results on giant screens.

At the current tallies with just over half of precincts reporting, the vote is 52.7% in favour of a constitutional ban on gay marriage, those opposing the measure have 47.4%.

But, the screens have gone dead. The rally only booked the rooms until midnight. With the vote only half counted, one lady just asked me “what’s the plan?” I had to tell her “I haven’t a clue!”

The organisers said: “Half the votes have been counted- we’re not going to know anything tonight. Everything is indicating that it is a very close race. Keep the faith tonight folks”

“You can all say- regardless of the outcome, we want to be able to say that no matter what happens- you did everything you could. That is a very good place to be.”

Benjamin Cohen is the Founder of and a Correspondent for Channel 4 News