Holloaks Spoilers: What will come of Tony’s future?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Theresa is sick of living with Nana and works her charms on Myra in order to move in with the McQueens. Tony is playing on her mind, but can she go through with her allegations knowing that she lied? While she worries that she could be in trouble for wasting police time and the whole village will be talking about her, Tony is resigned to his fate and gets his financial affairs in order before gong to the police to change his statement.

Newt is feeling the effects of not taking his medication as Frankie takes him to visit Jack and Darren in prison. But he wants to make his relationship with Lauren so he continues – even though he has to try and block Eli out as he struggles with the side effects.

Elliot is snowed under with college work and doesn’t appreciate the fact that Archie has been brewing his own ale ready for yet another party in the halls.

Things are still awkward between Sarah and Zoe, who is worried how Sarah’s reacting to her around Mike. Desperate to prove to herself that she’s not gay, Sarah dolls herself up and heads to the SU Bar to get herself a man.

Louise continues to plot her revenge against Warren as he is oblivious and promises her a perfect day for their wedding. Mandy is shaken being in such close proximity to Warren and is worried about going through with Louise’s plan. Will she be able to help bring his downfall?