Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Nancy and Ravi reunite?

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Nancy is embarrassed when she wakes up next to Kris, and things go from bad to worse when Sarah walks in. Later Nancy is excited to receive a text from Ravi asking her to meet up in the Loft. However, when a random caller humiliates Sarah live on air, Nancy says she’ll stay with her tonight and cancels her plans with Ravi. But Kris and Ravi have decorated The Loft for a night of romance, and aren’t prepared to let all their hard work go to waste.

Sarah feels dreadful that Nancy had to cancel her plans to see Ravi, while Ravi thinks he’s messed things up with Nancy. Kris resolves to do all he can to help him woo her back. Love is soon in the air when Nancy and Ravi’s reunite.

Amy warns Zoe to stay away from Mike – but Zoe is shocked when Mike asks her to come back to him.

Steph and Tom return to the village and Steph’s annoyed to find Mobs shut: Cindy says it’s because she’s ill, but it’s obvious that she’s got a hangover.

When Frankie hears of Steph’s return she is upset that she hasn’t heard from her. Cindy and Steph continue to wind each other up and Cindy takes great joy in mentioning her modelling assignment. In an attempt to cheer Steph up, Frankie tentatively suggests she could open her own dance school.

Lauren is furious that Newt seems preoccupied with Frankie and not at all interested in what she has planned for them. Newt and Lauren decide to use Frankie’s old flat as a den, but find their plans hijacked when Theresa invites herself over. Their plans for a night of romance are further foiled when Cindy discovers their love nest and blackmails Newt.

Elsewhere Elliot is uncomfortable when Malachy and Mercedes get passionate and semi-naked in the communal area and Cindy convinces Steph to come with her to visit Darren in prison.
Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Nancy and Ravi reunite?