Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nancy’s love triangle

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Nancy runs out of the flat having caught Ravi and Kris in the act – she is still torn between the two of them and can’t decide who she wants to be with, so chooses both.

But she feels uncomfortable when Ravi kisses not only her, but Kris goodbye as he leaves – as the reality of her bizarre new relationship starts to dawn on her. When the boys decide to go on a date together she realises she can’t continue like this – and dumps them both. Kris begs her to take him back and even dumps Ravi in front of her. What will be her decision?

Darren goes back to work at the Dog to earn some extra cash to keep Cindy happy.
When Rhys gloats about all the girls he’s chatting up behind the bar, Darren sprays noxious aftershave all over Rhys.

Justin and Hannah are working together behind the SU bar, and clashing all the time. And yet it seems obvious to observers that Justin’s totally crazy about Hannah.

Sasha gets a call from Warren, which raises Calvin’s suspicions about how close she and Warren actually are and makes him even more determined to bring Warren down. Meanwhile, Warren finds it hard juggling his work life with looking after Spencer.

Steph and Sarah’s plot to poach a rival dance school’s students goes awry when they meet the instructor: the drop-dead gorgeous Fernando. Although Steph is mad about Fernando’s threat to her dance school, they agree to meet for a drink, leaving a jealous Cindy fuming.

They get on well and so Steph asks Fernand to join her business. At first he says no; but on talking to Tom and seeing how much he loves Steph, Fernando changes his mind. They do such good business, they think of making a DVD.

Justin decides the only way to get some cash together is to sell the games console and games, much to Ste’s fury.

Carmel is dismayed to see Calvin in the village and tells him he’s ruined every bit of trust and respect she had for him. She tells him she saw Sasha and Warren together and Calvin freaks.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nancy’s love triangle