Emmerdale Spoilers: Will it be prison for Debbie

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Laurel encourages Jasmine to tell the truth about Shane’s murder but Debbie continues to have a hold over her. When things get difficult, and Eli is arrested, they decide to do a runner. It all goes wrong, leaving Jasmine on her own as she heads out of town – and Debbie in a police cell. Eli can’t cope with the questioning, and the threat of a life sentence, so confesses everything. When he returns home, Zak is furious with him for not protecting Debbie and throws him out.

Debbie is told she could go to prison while back in the village Laurel tells Ashley about Jasmine’s predicament. Ashley is adamant that Jasmine faces up to what she has done and he takes Laurel to the police station – who is then charged with perverting the course of justice for withholding crucial information.
Elsewhere, Paul schemes to spend time with Rodney but when his father sidesteps him, suspicions are raised. When Pollard overhears a discussion, he believes them to be speculating on his own health and that causes more confusion until Paul confronts his father and discovers Val has been lying about both Rodney and Pollard’s ill health. He forgives the lie but he decides to leave the village and go to Australia with Jonny. Will they live happily ever after?

Meanwhile, is relieved to hear that Ross is to be released but when she tries to explain to Marlon that she had no part in the arrest he doesn’t want to know. After Marlon shouts her out of the Woolpack, Donna decides to put in for a transfer to Essex. She then picks Ross up from prison who asks her to start a new life with him, but she refuses as she still hopes for a reconciliation with Marlon.

Back at the Woolpack Chas tells Marlon that Donna didn’t see Ross to have some kind of leaving party. Both wallowing in self pity, Marlon and Chas drunkenly share a kiss. Donna arrives to give Marlon one last chance to forgive her but she witnesses the misplaced affection. Laughing in spite of herself, Donna proclaims that she’s going to Essex. Marlon is unrepentant, sure their marriage is over. Donna’s mind is made up and she leaves the village for good for a transfer to Essex. What now for Marlon?

The relationship between Lexi and Carl starts to fray at the edges as she takes umbrage with the Dingles while Carl still holds a torch for Chas. Will the cracks become great chasms?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Will it be prison for Debbie