Courtney Love: Lady Gaga is a ‘sexless Barbie Doll surrounded by gays’ as Gaga poses with Stephen Fry

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Courtney Love, one time rock-star and wife of the late Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain has some choice words for Lady Gaga, warning against surrounding herself with gays as the Gaga posed on the cover of the Financial Times magazine with Stephen Fry.

Love, in an interview for The Fix said that Lady Gaga is “very young, and she’s very talented, but she doesn’t seem to have any female friends. Or any straight guy friends for that matter.” The Financial Times today published an interview of Lady Gaga by the gay actor, author and broadcaster Stephen Fry.

Love added:”She [Gaga] surrounds herself with this coterie of gay stylists and advisers who’ve turned her into this weird, sexless Barbie doll.”

“I was raised by gay guys myself,” adds Love. “I turned out all right in the end. But you know, you can only pull off this meat-dress act for so long. If she doesn’t watch out she’ll turn into a lonely drag queen. Straight guys just aren’t in to that kind of thing.”

In his article about Lady Gaga in the Financial Times, Stephen Fry revealed “I am not embarrassed to call myself – grotesquely over-aged and oversized as I may be – some kind of Little Monster too.”

Lady Gaga explained to Fry that ‘Born this Way’, described by Sir Elton John as the ‘new gay anthem’ is not just about sexuality.

“Sexuality is just one very small part of it,” she said. “It’s so interesting to see how people latch on to words. You say the word ‘gay’ in a song and suddenly all the other words float away. I’m happy people did focus on that word, though, it’s an important word to liberate. But the album is about rebirth in every sense. It’s about being reborn again and again until you find the identity inside yourself that defines you best for who you are and that makes you most feel like a champion of life.”

Lady Gaga describes herself as bisexual and is one of the most vocal gay rights supporters in the United States. Last year, Love claimed that she had a lesbian fling with the model Kate Moss.