C4 newsreader Jon Snow: I was s**t in musical gay wedding

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Channel 4 Newsreader Jon Snow has mocked his own singing cameos in ‘Our Gay Wedding: The Musical’ last month.

He told the Guardian of his singing in the show: “I’m game for anything.

“The other week I took part in the Channel 4 musical celebrating gay marriage… I was shit.”

The newsreader appeared singing several times throughout the show on March 31, which featured the real wedding of grooms Benjamin Till and Nathan Taylor on the day that same-sex marriages became legal.

It was hosted by Stephen Fry, and featured special messages from Kylie Minogue, Boy George, Will Young, Paul O’Grady, Olivia Newton John, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.

The newsreader added that despite his own performance, “the musical was rather marvellous and quite moving”, featuring performances from Erasure singer Andy Bell and The Feeling.

He added: “I was once a chorister and have done a bit more singing lately.”

Watch a clip from the show, including a cameo by Jon Snow, below: