Hungary: Homophobic extreme-right group comes second in elections

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A Hungarian radical, homophobic party has met its target of coming second in the European elections.

The Jobbik party polled second in Hungary, winning three seats in the European Parliament.

Back in 2012 Jobbik proposed a bill to ban the “promotion of sexual deviations”, threatening those found guilty of prison sentences of up to eight years.

The party stood by its third MEP, Bela Kovacs, who is accused of being a Russian spy. 

A Jobbik spokesman said the allegations were simply a “hysterical campaign”.

Earier this year, activists mounted a campaign to have party leader Gabor Vona banned from entering the UK.

Far-right groups made headway in countries across Europe.

The homophobic extreme-right Golden Dawn party has made gains in Greece, and won three seats in the European Parliament.

The National Front won the election in France with around a quarter of the vote there.