Nick Clegg supports Pride in London campaign by saying: ‘#FreedomTo love who you choose’

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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is supporting Pride in London’s FreedomTo campaign.

The Liberal Democrat leader was pictured in his Whitehall office holding a message which read: “#FreedomTo love who you choose” earlier today.

Explaining his support for the campaign, Mr Clegg exclusively told “Once a year, the heart of London beats a little stronger, louder and prouder as thousands of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, along with straight people too, come together to celebrate their freedom to be who they are: LGBT and proud.

“Pride and Mardi Gras celebrations are being held all over the UK and in many cities across the world. I want London and Britain to send a message to all those people who are still fighting for greater rights and freedoms in their own countries that they are not alone and that we will always stand with them.

“Every victory we secure in the fight for LGBT rights only emboldens us to work even harder to do even more.”

Mr Clegg concluded: “The freedom to love who you choose is a fundamental human right in a liberal society and LGBT people in London and across the UK will always have our support. This is why the Liberal Democrats and I are very supportive of Pride in London’s #FreedomTo campaign.”