Franklin Graham says White House rainbow illumination is ‘outrageous’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

US evangelist Franklin Graham has called the illumination of the White House in rainbow colours “outrageous”.

Since the legalisation of same-sex marriage across the US on Friday by the Supreme Court, numerous celebrations have taken place.

Included in these, Facebook has made a rainbow filter available for users to put over their profile picture in celebration of the recent decision. Barack Obama also lit up the White House with a rainbow illumination in support.

However, the American evangelist, Franklin Graham, who has been against same-sex marriage right from the start, called the illumination, “outrageous” and “a real slap in the face of the millions of Americans who do not support same-sex marriage and whose voice is being ignored.”

He then shared on his Facebook page: “God is the one who gave the rainbow, and it was associated with His judgement.” He added: “God sent a flood to wipe out the entire world because mankind had become so wicked and violent.”

He later shared the story of Noah writing: “The rainbow was a sign to Noah that God would not use the flood again to judge the world,” Graham said.

“But one day God is going to judge sin—all sin. Only those who are found righteous will be able to escape His judgement. That righteousness comes through faith, believing on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ who took our sins and shed His blood on the cross for each and every one.”

Graham said that when people share the gay pride rainbow in support of same-sex marriage on social media and advertisements, they should be reminded of God’s judgement to come.

He also said that people should reflect on their sins and ask themselves if they are ready to face God’s judgement.

Graham previously claimed Canada has “suffered greatly” over equal marriage, claiming: “Canada began federally mandating same-sex marriage in 2005. What’s happened since then?

“One result has been that freedom of speech, press, and religion have suffered greatly.

“If you say or write anything questioning same-sex marriage, you could face discipline, termination of employment, or prosecution by the government!”

He has also previously said that Vladimir Putin is “doing what’s right for Russia” by implementing anti-gay policies.