This pastor wants to stop Christians from displaying rainbow flags

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Pastor David Ruzicka is urging Christians not to display rainbow flag in support of LGBT people.

He said that there are a lot of questions around Christian compatibility with homosexuality and same-sex marriage. He also claims that these things are completely at odds with what the Bible says.

Ruzicka said, it’s like “trying to poke your finger in the eye of God,” to condone and support this.

He also said that being gay and same-sex marriage equates to sins against God, and compared being gay to adultery, stealing and lying.

People don’t need to go through “verbal gymnastics” in order to justify homosexuality in the Bible, Ruzicka said, since, he claimed God’s opinion on the matter is simple and clear.

He wrote in an article for the Christian Post: “God’s also clear that every single person has sinned, and there is forgiveness for homosexuality just like there is for every other sin. He’s clear that the hope for every man, woman and child, is salvation through Jesus Christ.”

“Homosexuality is the one sin that is paraded, prided, and promoted at every level of society.” He said.

He then further warned that if Christians take part in same-sex marriage, they would be violating their conscience. He continued to say that it makes no sense for Christians to say, “I’m for Jesus”, “I’m for same-sex marriage”, since Jesus is totally against it.

“So pick a side. Choose this day who you will serve. If it’s Jesus, do it honestly, up front, and embrace all He is and all He says. If it’s same-sex marriage, do it honestly and declare that you’re not buying what Jesus is selling.” Ruzicka concluded.