Gay NFL players say media keeps them in the closet

An American sports journalist claims he has talked to two players who are gay and would go public – but are terrified of the media reaction.

Draft analyst and radio host Benjamin Allbright says that he has talked to two veteran NFL players who are gay and would go public if they knew that the media would not make a “big deal out of it.”

In a series of tweets, Allbright said that team mates of both men “mostly know,” and are “supportive”, but “just avoid it [the subject] altogether.”

Gay NFL players say media keeps them in the closet

Gay NFL players say media keeps them in the closet

However, Outsports journalist Jim Buzinski thinks the using the media as an excuse is a poor one, and until more players come out, journalists and reporters will always make a “big deal” over players who decide to step out of the closet.

“Yes, the initial attention would be huge,” he admitted, “but it would die down fairly quickly, as history has shown.”

“These anonymous NFL players should strongly consider coming out since it would help countless young gay athletes see that it is possible to be gay and play their favourite sport.”

“The good they would do would far outweigh the media “making it a thing.” After all, this report says these guys want to come out,” he added

“The media should not be used as a shield by someone who would be in position to come out positively and make a difference.”

He also praised out sports stars Michael Sam, Robbie Rogers and Jason Collins with saving the lives of countless youths struggling with their sexuality, with no role models to aspire to.

“Collins, Sam and Rogers have become role models to LGBT athlete everywhere and lives have been saved.”

NFL player Sam has previously stated that he is not trying to “do anything historic” by playing, but that he just wants to get on with it.

The former SEC Defensive Player of the Year made history when he came out as gay last year – and has since had spells with the St Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.