UKIP candidate’s cringey ‘Brexit’ song could take Eurovision by storm

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A former UKIP Parliamentary candidate has released a song calling for the UK to leave the European Union, just in time for Eurovision.

Mandy Boylett, who stood for the party in Stockton South, took to YouTube to release the song following the announcement of the EU referendum.

The candidate released a parody of World Cup anthem ‘Three Lions’, which blasts the EU for “taking all our fish” and “red tape”. She appears alongside a ‘friend’ in the song – but on closer inspection it appears to be herself in a blonde wig.

The song includes an apparent endorsement from Nigel Farage-backed referendum campaign Grassroots Out – but the group now insists it has not been officially approved.

The lyrics include: “Believe in Britain coming home. We’re coming out, we’re voting Leave.”

It continues: “State stories already begun, we’ve seen it all before from Lib/Lab and Cameron.

“But we know the EU’s full of flaws, and they’ve opened our doors, overruled many laws.

“We believe our flag’s red, white and blue, more than just a star.

“Only wanted trade, but now it’s gone too far.”
UKIP candidate’s cringey ‘Brexit’ song could take Eurovision by storm
Comedian David Baddiel, who wrote the original Three Lions alongside Ian Broudie and Frank Skinner, tweeted: “Just to be clear: me and Frank didn’t give permission for this.

“But it’s so brilliantly naff, we might’ve anyway.”

He also backed calls for the song to be entered into the Eurovision Song Contest – given the UK’s selection is taking place on Friday.

If Ms Boylett looks familiar, that might be because she previously released (and then deleted) a parody of ABBA’s Chiquitita attacking David Cameron.

Luckily, the internet never forgets: