Brexit MP Michael Fabricant calls for UK to withdraw from Eurovision Song Contest too

A prominent Brexit-backing MP has claimed in Parliament that the UK should leave the Eurovision Song Contest after Brexit.

The claim comes from MP for Litchfield Michael Fabricant, an advocate of a hard Brexit that includes leaving the European Union, the single market and the customs union.

Speaking in the chamber on Thursday during a debate on the music industry, Fabricant added another target to his sights – the Eurovision Song Contest.

MP Michael Fabricant (Chris Jackson/Getty)

He said: “Does my right honourable friend share my dismay that Brexit does not mean that we are leaving the Eurovision Song Contest?”

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Matt Hancock declined to commit to doing so, appeasing fans of the contest somewhat – while lamenting the UK’s poor performance in recent years.

He said: “We should apply to the Eurovision Song Contest a principle that I try to apply to my life: whenever something goes wrong, we should try, try and try again, and maybe we will eventually get there.”

British Monster Raving Loony Party candidate , Howling Laud Hope (R) poses for pictures with Michael Fabricant (ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty)

Brexit will have no impact on the UK’s involvement in Eurovision, as it is not an event affiliated with the European Union.

The UK is eligible to enter the programme because the BBC and several other broadcasters are members of the European Broadcasting Union, a continent-wide alliance of TV and radio broadcasters.

On social media, Eurovision fans threatened to riot in the streets if the UK is pulled out of the contest by the Brexit movement.

Estonia’s singer Elina Nechayeva performs the song ‘La Forza’ during the first semifinal of the 63rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 (Francisco LEONG /AFP/Getty)

One quipped: “Extremely camp, enjoyed by some but loathed by others, Michael Fabricant is the MP for Lichfield.”

No other prominent Brexiteers have spoken out on the subject following Fabricant’s intervention.

Paul Butters of campaign group Best for Britain said: “Mr. Fabricant might be walking on sunshine but this seems to be the Brexiteers’ Waterloo.

“They are desperate now and many of them just think it’s time for making your mind up,” he said.

“What is frankly pathetic is Brexit now doesn’t mean Brexit – it seems to mean No Eurovision.”