JK Rowling sends flowers to funeral of Orlando shooting victim: ‘You will never be forgotten’

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JK Rowling has sent flowers to the funeral of one of the victims of the Orlando Pulse gay club mass shooting.

The famed author sent the flowers to the funeral of Luis Vielma, and a message for his loved ones.

Vielma was one of 49 killed during a mass shooting at the Pulse gay club in Orlando, Florida last Sunday.

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Writing on Twitter earlier this week, Rowling noted that he had worked on the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios.

“Luis Vielma worked on the Harry Potter ride at Universal. He was 22 years old,” she wrote. “I can’t stop crying.”

In a note accompanying the flowers for the funeral, the Harry Potter author said: “To Luis, who died for love, you will never be forgotten. J.K. Rowling.”

Earlier this week, loved ones of victims that worked at Universal studios raised wands at a Harry Potter-inspired vigil in Orlando.

The moment was a nod to Dumbledore’s funeral in the Harry Potter series.

A friend of Vielma’s spoke at the tribute: “Tonight we are raising our wands to honour one of our fallen. Tonight we raise our wands to one of the greatest and best Gryffindors.”

JK Rowling sends flowers to funeral of Orlando shooting victim: ‘You will never be forgotten’

“He was kind and he was brave. He was one of the kindest souls you will ever meet in your life.”

49 people were killed and 53 injured on Sunday in the shocking terrorist hate crime attack,which saw a gunman open fire inside The Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida.

ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attack, which was perpetrated by US citizen Omar Mateen. The majority of the victims were Latino.

In a statement, President Obama mourned the victims of the homophobic hate crime attack and called for greater restrictions on arms sales.

In response, Republican nominee Donald Trump said Obama should resign for failing to rally against Islam in his comments.

The attack has been condemned by American Muslim leaders, who addressed ISIS in saying: “You do not speak for us.”

But millions of people around the world have showed solidarity with the victims of the shooting and the community in Orlando,

Earlier this week, a threat was posted to Craigslist in San Diego, praising the shooting in Orlando, and reading: “San Diego, you’re next”.

Two US Marines are also being investigated for posting a photo with an assault rifle with the caption “Coming to a gay bar near you” on Facebook.