A transgender prisoner failed to be recognised as a woman, now she has been found dead in a men’s prison

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A trans prison inmate has been found dead amid her legal battle to be recognised by her new name.

Stacy Lorraine Naber was found dead on 6 August at the Dade Correctional Institution reports the Miami Herald.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections confirmed that Naber had been found dead but did not provide further details.

Lee Kahn, 60, Naber’s aunt, has said that the prisoner hanged herself.

She had been embroiled in a complaint in order to be recognised by the name Stacy Naber.

The lawsuit had argued that being known as Stacy would be therapeutic but was dismissed after her death.

She had been serving a life sentence for fatally stabbing a man back in 2013.

Transgender inmates will be separated from the general population in prisons in Thailand, it was announced in July.

The British government promised a review last year of the way trans people in prisons are dealt with, after two female prisoners died within weeks of each-other while being held in all-male facilities.

A third prisoner, Tara Hudson, was moved to a female facility after a public campaign – and since her release has been vocal in criticising her treatment.

Last month another transgender woman was placed in a men’s prison, speaking out about fearing for her life.