Republican lawmakers met with Caitlyn Jenner, but none of them want to be identified

Caitlyn Jenner

A group of Republican lawmakers met with Caitlyn Jenner this week – but they aren’t even willing to be identified.

Jenner has been an outspoken Republican since before her transition to female, and still supports the party despite GOP lawmakers pushing anti-trans laws in dozens of states.

The party’s Presidential hopeful Donald Trump recently ‘devolved’ on the issue and backed North Carolina’s anti-trans law, while the Republican National Convention this summer adopted its most extreme party platform ever on LGBT rights, which affirmed “biological” gender and the right to discriminate against trans people.

Jenner has vowed not to “give up” on the party, and this week headed to Capitol Hill to meet with party lawmakers in a bid to rally support.

The meeting was organised by the American Unity Fund and Florida Senator Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who herself has a transgender son.

However, for anyone who might mistake the meeting for an indication of a softening stance, there’s a pretty big hint that’s not the case: none of the party bigwigs at the meeting are even willing to admit that they were there.

CNN asked Ros-Lehtinen who was actually present for the session, but she “declined to identify who they were, saying she wasn’t sure they wanted to discuss it”.

She instead recalled how Jenner” talked about her faith and her journey and how the Republican Party should be open to hearing these kinds of stories”.

She added: “Caitlyn is going to continue this outreach and I think it’s a positive message of love and outreach.”

But who was present? How did they actually react? Don’t ask, don’t tell.