Caitlyn Jenner and gay Republican leader vow to take on the ‘rainbow mafia’… whatever that means

Caitlyn Jenner and a gay Republican leader have appeared in a video together, vowing to take on the “rainbow mafia”. 

Former Olympian and failed Republican governor candidate Jenner, 73, appeared in an Instagram clip at the weekend alongside Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) president Charles Moran. 

Founded in 1977 in California, the LCR describe themselves as the largest Republican group in the United States “dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies”. 

In the clip, the pair decry the “radical rainbow mafia”, a derogatory term frequently used by Caitlyn Jenner to refer to the LGBTQ+ community. 

“Honestly, [the rainbow mafia] is destroying the entire LGBT community,” Jenner said. 

Moran interjects to say: “It is putting freedom at risk in this country in a way we have never seen,” before Jenner adds: “Freedom at risk, I love that.” 

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Jenner’s appearance in the clip comes just days after she appeared on Fox News to denounce proposed changes to Title IX by the Biden administration

Title IX, a 50-year-old civil rights law which prohibits discrimination in schools based on sex, could be amended to forbid blanket bans on trans student-athletes, but would still allow schools to “justify” barring trans children from playing sports in certain cases. 

A factsheet provided by the Department of Education states that elementary schoolchildren would “generally” be allowed to take part in sports in a way that is “consistent with their gender identity” but high school and college trans students could be banned from competing if it is “justifiable”, such as on the grounds of “fairness”. 

The proposed changes are subject to public comment. 

“[President] Biden is trying to erase women, he is trying to erase women in sports,” Jenner told the right-ring news channel. “If he gets through what he’s trying to get through, it’ll be the end of women’s sports.” 

Caitlyn Jenner, who was previously married to Kris Jenner and appeared alongside the Kardashian and Jenner clans on the E! Network, became possibly the most famous trans woman in the world when she came out in 2015.  

Over the years, the star has continually attacked the LGBTQ+ community and voiced support for legislation which seeks to remove queer people’s rights. Alongside this, Jenner has voiced her support for banning trans people, particularly trans women, from sports – despite herself competing in a female golf competition.

Jenner was set to challenge California governor Gavin Newsom amid his recall election last year, but was trounced, winning just one per cent of votes cast for replacement candidates.

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