Author trolls ISIS with gay jihadi erotica

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The extremist group known as Islamic State regularly carry out brutal homophobic killings – but one author is subverting their cause in a unique way.

The so-called Islamic State regularly exploits their killings of gays for propaganda purposes, releasing regular gory films showing gay men being thrown off buildings and stoned by the braying crowds below in ISIS-controlled territories.

ISIS also claimed responsibility for the gay bar massacre in Orlando, declaring that the attack was a “hate crime” against “liberalist sodomites”.

But one author, writing under the pen name Abu Salaam, is subverting their hateful homophobic message with a new erotica book featuring gay ISIS soldiers.

The ‘Jihadirotica’ book, titled ‘ISIS: A Love Story’, tells the tale of two young jihadis, Ali and Majnun during the Syrian Civil War.

The 120-page novel subverts ISIS’ message by featuring the soldiers witnessing some of the group’s atrocities, finding comfort in eachother and striking up a sexual relationship.

The description explains: “As bombs boom around them so does their battlefield bromance. When a chance encounter starts to grow into something more the two young radicals struggle to reconcile their identities.

“Passions and tensions swell, tearing Majnun and Ali between the two things they are – battle-hardened Salafi mujahideen and gay lovers.

“Forced to confront these conflicting identities, the star-and-crescent crossed ISIL fighters have to decide what matters more – Islamic extremism- or each other.

“Painted not as a view from outside looking in but from the inside looking around, the tale strips away the absolutism of the black flag and relayers it into shades of grey.

“With an unprecedented view, ISIS: A Love Story showcases a time and place, love and war, beauty and barbary, and life and death.”

In an interview with Vocativ, the author said the book was meant to be “evocative rather than provocative”, and admitted he worried about becoming a target of the book.

However, there’s the chance it might hitclose to home for some jihadis – there are some genuine reports of homosexuality between jihadis, and ISIS recently executed two of its own soldiers for being gay.

Salaam quipped: “Maybe it’ll actually be super popular in jihadi circles, like a sleeper hit with sleeper cells.”