Gay people are better at sex, study finds

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Gay men and lesbians are better at sex than straight people, new research has discovered.

The study analysed more than 2,000 LGB people as well as 50,000 heterosexual respondents across the US.

The results follow recent research which revealed that gay and lesbian couples are happier than people in straight relationships.

Gay people are better at sex, study finds

And maybe – just maybe – that’s because they orgasm more equally.

The four researchers, David A. Frederick, H. Kate St. John, Justin R. Garcia and Elisabeth A. Lloyd, measured the orgasms which people across the sexuality spectrum have.

Gay people are better at sex, study finds

They found – perhaps not shockingly – that heterosexual men were most likely to say they “usually always orgasmed when sexually intimate,” doing so 95% of the time.

In contrast, straight women orgasm in just 65% of cases.

Gay people are better at sex, study finds

The orgasm gap is well-documented, and its generally accepted in the academic community that women climax less often than men – but this, of course, is a heteronormative theory.

It doesn’t consider the fact that possibly, just possibly, non-heterosexual people are better at sex.

The four professors, two of whom work at Indiana University, discovered just this.

Gay men orgasm 89% of the time, while lesbians are not far behind on 86%.

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So if we assume straight couples both climax 65% of the time – and that orgasms are a decent barometer of how good sex is – these results are excellent for gay and lesbian partners.

They come out 24 and 21 percentage points ahead of their straight counterparts, which equates to a hell of a lot more joint fun.

The study also found that “women who orgasmed more frequently were more likely to: receive more oral sex and have [a] longer duration of last sex”.

Lesbian sex

They are also “more satisfied with their relationship, ask for what they want in bed, praise their partner for something they did in bed, call/email to tease about doing something sexual and wear sexy lingerie”.

New sexual positions, anal stimulation, fantasies, sexy talk, and expressions of love during sex were also more likely for women during sex.

“Women were more likely to orgasm if their last sexual encounter included deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, and/or oral sex in addition to vaginal intercourse,” they added.

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However, while bisexual men reportedly have similarly exciting times, orgasming 88% of the time during sex, bi women are not as fortunate.

In a continuation of many studies which have found that bi women have a worse quality of life, it was revealed that they orgasm less often than any other LGB people, at 66%.

Bisexual people have consistently been found to have the lowest life satisfaction among LGBT people.


They also feel less worthwhile and happy – and much more anxious – than other people, according to a study from earlier this year.

And just this week, it was revealed that bisexual people sleep worse than everyone else, with bi women being especially affected.

Gay people are better at sex, study finds

A study earlier this month found that gay men in the US are paid more than straight men.

For years, data has shown gay men earning an average of five to 10% less.

But gay men across the country now earn on average 10 percent more than straight men who have a similar education, experience and job profile.