Margaret Cho says that people really don’t get bisexuality

Comedian Margaret Cho has said that few people actually understand bisexuality during an interview where she opened up about her own coming out.

In an interview with HuffPost, the comic, actress and LGBT activist spoke about how she realised she was bisexual after thinking she was a lesbian.

“I thought I was a dyke. I thought I was a lesbian,” Cho said. “And then I realized, “No, I’m actually attracted to men as well.” So then it became something really confusing for me.”

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 09: People marching with anBi, a bisexual organization, carry a bisexual flag in the 43rd L.A. Pride Parade on June 9, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. More than 400,000 people are expected to attend the parade in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Bisexuality is a real thing, everyone (David McNew/Getty Images)

The comedian used the example of her family to show that even people within in the gay community can struggle to understand bisexuality.

She said: “My family had a gay bookstore, they were in the gay community, they were working in and around the gay community, so they really were aware of gay people and lesbians but they didn’t understand bisexuality.

“It’s still a sensitive issue for many people in my life. They really don’t get bisexuality.”

Margaret Cho speaks onstage at the LA Pride ResistMarch in 2017 (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Cho’s feelings are backed up by multiple studies, including a study in April found that straight people think that bisexuals are more promiscuous and neurotic than other members of the population.

The comedian then explained how the lack of understanding about the sexuality followed her through her dating life.

“I’ve had this suspicion with every partner that I’ve ever had [didn’t understand bisexuality]. I’ve never been with another bisexual person. I’ve only been with either straight or gay people, so, it’s a very suspicious place.

“Nobody has ever really accepted that I’m truly bisexual. Nobody has ever allowed it. It’s still very much a point of argument between anybody that I’ve been with. People just don’t accept it.”

Cho in 2016 (Santiago Felipe/Getty Images for Logo)

Cho went on to talk about her experiences at Pride events over the years.

The comedian has been prominently involved in several Pride events around the world, frequently serving as the grand marshal at the San Fransisco parade.

“I love it. I’m active in Pride in a number of ways, whether I’m performing or just going and hanging out or riding in cars driven by old, very butch diesel dyke types who want to show off their custom cars.”

Cho as the grand marshal of the San Fransisco Pride Parade in 2008 (David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

The comedian then called for diversity in Pride, while praising the steps that the community has already made.

The 49-year-old said: “we’ve traditionally looked at Pride as being a very white male movement and of course there’s now so much more involved in thinking about Pride.

“Before we didn’t acknowledge the trans community. We still don’t really acknowledge the bisexual community. But now there’s more of looking towards a sense of unity and diversity and I think that’s really important.”

Many of Cho’s routines are heavily political, including a significant amount of criticism of President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump (Spencer Platt/Getty)

Cho told PinkNews in 2017 that one of her many concerns about the President was his apparent lack of a plan.

She said: “He has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s using America like a plaything.

“He’s using the world like a plaything.

“He does not want this job and he is terrified all the time and the stress of it is really killing him. He’s never been a politician, he’s never even been an honorary mayor, he’s never done anything political.”