Doctor Who drops massive hint that a major character is bisexual

Doctor Who has dropped a major hint that one of the show’s main companions is bisexual.

Sunday (October 28) night’s episode “Arachnids in the UK” introduced the family of series regular Yasmin ‘Yaz’ Khan, a young Muslim police officer played by Mandip Gill.

One scene sees Yaz’s mum Najia, played by Shobna Gulati, challenging Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor about her relationship with Yaz.

Doctor Who series regular Yaz (BBC)

Questioning the Doctor, Najia asks: “How do you know my daughter? Why have I never met you before?”

When the Time Lord is evasive, Najia adds: “It’s not a difficult question… are you two seeing each other?”

Najia (BBC)

The Doctor responds: “I don’t think so. Are we?”

Yaz tells her mother that she and the Doctor are “friends,” before telling her mother: “Please can we not have this conversation now?”

The Doctor is taken aback by the questions (BBC)

Later in the episode, Najia also asks Yaz whether she is in a relationship with fellow travelling companion Ryan, played by Tosin Cole — with fans concluding that Yaz is bisexual.

Fans flocked to Twitter to discuss the theory.

One wrote: “Is Yaz bisexual? If she is then HOORAY. If not then thank you Yaz’s mum for being open and not assuming your kid is straight! 4 for you Yaz’s mum!!! ”

Another user added: “So it’s canon that Yaz from #DoctorWho is bisexual, right? Now that her mother has asked whether or not she’s dating both the Doctor and Ryan.”

Other users described Yaz is a “bisexual queen.”

The show plays up Yaz’s adoration for the Doctor later in the episode, when she describes her as “like the best person I’ve ever met,” leading to speculation that the show could be building towards a love triangle between the Doctor, Yaz and Ryan.

The Doctor has previously been depicted as having a fluid sexuality, flirting with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and marrying River Song (Alex Kingston) across the show’s modern era.

In 2017 the show featured lesbian companion Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie.

The character became a fan favourite, but was written out of the show after just one season.

Mackie accepted a PinkNews Award in 2017 on behalf of the show.

She told PinkNews at the time: “It’s testament to how well she was received and how well people responded to having an out lesbian on a mainstream TV show.

“It’s genuinely been amazingly positive, especially going around the world and meeting people. I met a couple of young girls who were BAME, and talked to me about how watching Bill on Doctor Who enabled them to come out and feel comfortable with their own sexuality. For me that’s a massive achievement.

“The thing that I liked most about Bill was that she wasn’t grappling with her sexuality, she didn’t need to come out, it wasn’t an issue! It was always just about, I’m gay and happy and this is who I am, this is who I like and this is who I’m in love with.”