Woman arrested after loud sex with girlfriend mistaken for a fight

Allison Daughtrey. (Baltimore County Police)

Loud sex with her girlfriend led to a queer woman allegedly shooting a security guard and being arrested in Maryland, US.

US police responded to reports of a fight inside a hotel room in Towson, but it turned out it was just Alison Daughtrey, 34, and her girlfriend making love, the couple claim.

Two clerks at the Days Inn Hotel at at 8712 Loch Raven Boulevard overheard, to them, two people fighting in the background while taking a call from a guest.

Prompting the on-duty security guard to call the police at around 2:07pm, WMAR 2 reported.

Hotel clerks thought a couple having sex were fighting. 

Hotel security alerted police to the two motel guests fighting in room 208, charge documents stated.

Arriving officers went to the motel room to break up the alleged fight, only to have each woman deny the fight and instead claim they were merely having sex loudly.

Daughtrey left the room while the woman clarified what the disturbance was.

At the request of the hotel security, police asked the woman to call back her girlfriend so they could speak with her.

Police learned Daughtrey was in another room. The officer spoke to Daughtrey, who also said there wasn’t a fight.

Hotel security asked the couple to leave. After 20 minutes, they began to pack their belongings.

The women said she left a cell phone in the room, at which point an officer escorted her back to look for it.

Woman and guard struggled before she pointed a firearm at him, surveillance video shows.

But when they returned, Daughtrey had allegedly gone back into the lobby and began to argue with hotel staff.

Front desk employees told police Daughtrey went into the lobby to ask for a receipt for their stay.

Daughtrey argued with the hotel security guard before the two struggled, surveillance footage showed as stated in charge documents.

In the ensuing eddy, she then pulled a handgun at the hotel guard and pointed it at him, the guard claimed.

Daughtry allegedly fired a round, reported WJZ, but the bullet struck a metal door frame in the lobby.

Furthermore, during the altercation Daughtrey allegedly bit the guard. He was later treated at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, a Baltimore County Police officer stood by his patrol car outside the motel and, upon hearing the shot, jolted back inside the motel.

He came to find Daughtrey being restrained by the guard, and arrested her. In addition, he said he was unable to see who fired the weapon because of the motels tinted windows.

As a result, he called for backup. A hotel employee came out of the building and told

While the officer was unaware of this at the time, the guard informed him. Local police

But Daughtrey disputed the claim, WMAR 2 reported.

She alleged the guard struck her first, at which point she swung her purse at the guard which caused the gun she bought in North Carolina to fall out and fire.

Daughtrey is currently being held without bond on multiple charges including: Attempted Second Degree Murder, First and Second Degree Assault and gun crimes.

Courts have scheduled a preliminary hearing for 4 October at the District Court for Baltimore County in Towson for Daughtrey.