Man accuses his lesbian sister of treating her son like a ‘gay accessory’, gets quickly schooled

An uncle is being slammed after accusing his "lesbian sister of treating his nephew like a "gay accessory". (Stock photo via Pexels/Sharon McCutcheon)

An uncle has found himself in hot water after asking the Reddit community if he’s wrong for accusing his lesbian sister of dressing her son as a “gay accessory”.

In a post on the Am I The ***hole subreddit, the man asked the world if he was in the wrong for accusing his 30-year-old sister of exploiting her three-year-old simply because she’s involving him in her dating life.

The poster explained how his sister married around three years ago but later realised she is lesbian.

Shortly after, “She asked for a divorce, got new gay friends, shaved one side of her head [and] started wearing flannel shirts – the whole shebang.”

While the poster said everyone in their family has supported her during this –t hough, their parents have been a little disquieted – he began to find issue with her including her son in social media posts with her new girlfriend.

Lesbian sister posts pictures of her son in rainbow clothing.

“She posted [a] picture of her and her girlfriend and her 3-year-old son in bed sleeping and she got in fight with people on Facebook who said if they were two males who posted that picture it would be creepy, which I kinda of agree with because at this point they had only been dating for about seven weeks.”

He then sketched out how he watches his nephew and noticed that, after his sister came out, she switched out his toys.

“I watch her boy for her every other weekend and he use to come with all these toys, but now he only shows up with a little mermaid doll for some reason.”

Boys shouldn't play with mermaids, says uncle. (Element Stock Photos)

Boys can’t like Little Mermaids without it being part of the ‘gay agenda’, says uncle. (Element Stock Photos)

Moreover, the original poster described how his sister is “always posting pictures of him in rainbow clothing” as well as how he is wearing skirts and dresses. despite not showing an interest in that before.

“But she posts these pictures of him telling everyone he is obsessed with The Little Mermaid and dresses and he is so ‘blended’.

“So, I told her: ‘You know it’s OK to let him be a boy you don’t have to treat him like he’s a gay accessory.'”

This accusation didn’t go well, according to the uncle.

“She blew up on me saying it was his choice to dress like that and play with the toys he brings over (I highly doubt that).

“Most of my family is on her side, but my father and mother were happy someone said something.

“Am I the ***hole here?  I really was just thinking of the child and how his life shouldn’t change at all just because her sexuality changed.”

So, is he an ***hole? Reddit resoundingly says ‘yes’.

The wonderful world of the Am I The ***hole subreddit sees users be the judge of whether the original poster was, indeed, an ***hole.

Many users decided he is, calling out the uncle for seemingly being threatened by a child playing with mermaids and wearing dresses.

While other Reddit users raised red flags over his apparent homophobia towards his sister coming out as lesbian.

“YTA [you’re the ***hole] this has ‘Im afraid of the nonexistent gay agenda’ written all over it.

“To everyone saying boys shouldn’t wear skirts, I wear skirts and nobody gives a s**t.

“So stop saying society’s values are the same as your own.”
Another user added: “Have you considered that your nephew was exposed to these things and now genuinely enjoys them and that could account for his ‘unexplained’ change in taste? Has your nephew complained to your or anyone else about feeling mistreated or pigeonholed?

“Or are you making up excuses that fit your narrow view of the world?”

One Redditer hit back that the uncle is making unfair assumptions about his nephew, and should be more understanding that children aren’t exactly consistent in their interests.

“I have a five-year-old and a two-year-old. My two year don’t know what the f**k she wants to play with.

“You could give her a hanger and she’ll be happy. My five-year-old however at three was able to tell me she like barbies, lol dolls, dinosaurs toys that have to roar, and big trucks. So would it really be that weird?”