Kanye West’s new evangelical BFF is leading a ‘gay cure’ march, so that’s a thing

US rapper Kanye West

An evangelical pastor set to rally alongside Kanye West will lead a gay cure march.

Kanye West has faced anger from fans over his plans to appear alongside a plethora of anti-LGBT+ hate preachers at a prayer rally in Tempe, Arizona, this weekend.

One of the key organisers of the event, the preacher Lou Engle, is also promoting the discredited idea the homosexuality can be cured

Engle is set to be guest of honour at the so-called ‘Freedom March’ in Boston, Massachussets, on April 18.

New evangelical friend of Kanye West will headline a gay ‘cure’ march.

Freedom March announced on Monday: “We honour Lou Engle and all he has accomplished in the body of Christ.

“For years he has been a guiding light standing up for truth, righteousness, and justice. It is so nice to have a general of God boldly step forward to partner with us!”

In a video, Engle said that God had told him in a dream to take part in the gay cure march.

Kanye West associate Lou Engle claims that God told him to take part in the march

Lou Engle claims that God told him to take part in the march

He said: “The beginning of this year, I was praying, fasting, and I had a dream. This ticker tape line said, ‘You said you would deliver us.’ And then it said, ‘4/18.’ I woke up and I could hear the cries of those yearning for freedom from sexual brokenness.

“It seems like there’s no answer, but there is… we’re going to ride for freedom and bring all that long for freedom… God is coming.”

The American Medical Association recently backed efforts to legally ban the discredited practise of gay ‘cure’ therapy in all 50 states.

Practising conversion therapy on minors is still legal in 32 US states, while no states have banned it for adults.

Lou Engle has a long anti-LGBT record.

Engle is fiercely anti-LGBT+, claiming that God will punish the US for gay weddings with natural disasters.

In one post on his website he says: “We received a dream in which twin tornadoes had come to destroy America.

“Each tornado had the letters ‘HA HA’ written across it. We knew that the ‘H’ stood for homosexuality and the ‘A’ for abortion. These principalities were mocking spirits that had to be overcome in order to turn the nation.”

Engle also previously said: “I sent my son to San Francisco with a group of people to pray for three years. They actually had a dream.

“They saw a three-story homosexual man, a huge giant, and they were throwing like rocks at it and nothing would happen to it, and then suddenly the foreman rolled a scroll and it read ‘Jehu’s Covenantal Community’, and the giant shrivelled to nothing!”

Friends of West have repeatedly voiced concern for the musician over the past few years, as he has publicly stated his support for Donald Trump and raised conspiracy theories.

As he continues a pivot towards a conservative Christian audience, West penned a bizarre ode to restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, which has funded anti-LGBT+ lobbying efforts.