Frozen’s Elsa finally came out as gay – or at least, Kate McKinnon’s version did


Disney may not have given us a gay Elsa (yet), but the team at Saturday Night Live are clearly embracing the Frozen queen as the queer icon we all know her to be.

This weekend the sketch show took on Frozen II, which is out on DVD on February 11. Starring as Elsa, Kate McKinnon gave the fans everything they wanted with a ‘deleted’ scene in which the Queen of Arendelle comes out as gay – surprising literally no one.

It opens with Elsa lost in an enchanted forest, calling out: “Anna? Kristoff? Olaf? I’m gay?”

When she finds Anna she tells her: “I don’t know whether I’m heading north, south, gay or west!”

“Did you just say gay?” Anna asks.

“No!” Elsa replies. “You have a fulfilling heterosexual marriage by the age of 18 and I’ve just spent two whole movies playing with snow, both are equal and good.”

Anna then breaks into song, a hilarious parody of “Let it Go” with the lyrics: “We all know, we all know.”

It ends: “I don’t care what Disney says, the Twitter storm rages on!” with Elsa chiming in: “The lack of any romantic interest doesn’t bother me anyway!”

Will Frozen 3 reveal that Elsa is a lesbian?

Fans have been campaigning for Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend since the release of the first Frozen film in 2013.

Many interpreted Elsa’s journey of self-acceptance through a queer lens, with the Oscar-winning song ‘Let It Go’ labelled a coming-out anthem. The voice behind the song, Idina Menzel, has backed the calls to make Elsa gay.

Last year the entertainment site We Got This Covered reported that Disney was intending to make Elsa gay, with a mystery source revealing: “The intention is for Elsa to have a girlfriend in the threequel, confirming her sexuality in the process.”

According to the source, Disney wanted to introduce a love interest for Elsa in the second film but were worried that the film would be banned in some countries.

However, Frozen 3 hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet, so fans aren’t getting their hopes up just yet.